Recruiting reform details

Among the proposed reforms on recruiting:

[b]• Required written policies for prospects, student hosts, coaches and other administrators must prohibit the use of alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling in recruiting.

• Prospects must travel by commercial airlines at coach-class fare. Private and chartered planes are not allowed.

• Prospects and those accompanying them on official visits must use the same ground transportation used by any prospective student.

• Prospects and their parents or legal guardians must be housed in standard lodging and be offered standard meals comparable to those offered on campus. The official visit should resemble normal campus life for student-athletes.

• Students who host prospects must be current student-athletes or students designated to conduct campus visits or tours for all prospective students.

• No personalized jerseys or audio/video scoreboard presentations; no game-day simulations.

• Allow institutions to pay for one parent or guardian to accompany a prospect during an official visit.

• Reduce the number of official visits from five to four.[/b]

Link from the Indianpolis Star: Recruit reform nears approval

This kind of reform is great for us, we can’t compete with those schools that have endless budgets so it levels the playing field (in theory).

wait, so we cant use our solid gold bus? or our diamond covered airplane?

[i]Originally posted by Chisox17[/i]@Jul 21 2004, 08:59 PM [b] wait, so we [i]cant[/i] use our solid gold bus? or our diamond covered airplane? [/b]
We have used chartered airplane but it costs a fortune. This is indeed good news for us.

seriously, i really do agree that this is good news for us, and schools like Charlotte. its hard enough recruiting guys against the “big name” schools, this will certainly help