Remainder of regular season...

Looking at the remainder of the regular season schedule, is it possible for the Niners to go at worst 7-1, giving up a game to Louisville at Freedom Hall? Seems the rest of our schedule should favor the Niners, with Houston, DePaul, and Memphis at Halton. I think this year we can finally win at St Louis.

is 22-5, 13-3 good enuff to win the regular season title? Who will beat Louisville?

Louisville has this left…

2/09 Memphis
2/12 South Florida
2/17 at Marquette
2/20 Saint Louis
2/26 at Memphis
3/03 Charlotte
3/05 at DePaul

I think if anyone defeats them it will be in the final two games. I can only hope the 49ers will run the table and not get in a tie breaker mess.

I think Memphis will beat them at least once. That’s right, Mempiss.

Marquette isn’t very good, but they are capable of the upset, especially if Diener comes back.

Hopefully they will be fired up after a loss to Charlotte at home and crush DePaul, which will secure the CUSA title for us.

I agree that Memphis is quite capable of beating Louisville. DePaul could do it too.

BTW, Diener did return to play against Southern Miss over the weekend and led Marquette with 17 points.

Yes, this should be the year we finally beat Saint Louis in St. Louis. Still, DePaul came away with just a 3-point win there yesterday, so the Billikens aren’t just going to roll over.

Neither is Houston wed, this is another crazy tough and dangerous weak. I hope Lutz isn’t over looking Houston to St. Louis, casue Houton could sneak a win out easy. But then again, lutz needs to keep think about those damn Billikins cause we reallllly need to sweep this week…


[b]this is another crazy tough and dangerous WEAK[/b]

I sure hope that Freudian slip isn’t a sign of things to come!!


Louisville looked terrible Saturday night. UAB looked worse, making several passes to nobody in particular and begging Louisville to snatch it away.

With only 8 regular season games left, we are in a good position to get a decent tourney seed. After losing to ECU, we all know that any team left on our schedule can beat us on a given night. But like you said, aside form Louisville the more difficult games left on our schedule are at home.

Speculating… If we did finish 7-1 with our only loss coming at Loiusville, and then won one game in the conf. tourney… what seed could we get? five maybe? It sure would be nice to get at least a 5 and give ourselves a legitimate shot at a sweet 16.

First thing first though… beat Houston Wednesday!

Honestly, I don’t know if we could get higher than a 7 if we don’t beat UL. We would only have one really quality win over UC. DePaul would be a great win, but not in the eyes of the committee. We had a much better resume last year, and not a single loss as bad as ECU last year. SLU was at least NIT bound.

I think the only way we get out of the 7-10 seeds are to win out and at least make the tournament final. We need some big wins that we haven’t gotten.

Yeah… I thought we deserved a 7 or so last year. We usually don’t have trouble getting a big win or two… it’s avoiding the bad losses that we can’t seem to do. ECU was a killer.

I still think if we finish 7-1 and get at least 1 win in Memphis we have shot at being at least a 6… If we did that, our RPI should be in in the mid 20s. We have an outside shot of sneaking into the top 25 this week and if the only loss we have the rest of the season is at Louisville we shouldn’t move anywhere but up. We would have a good road record, and a handful of top 50 wins. Beating Louisville would be huge though.

Time will tell…

If this team played every game with the emotion they played with on Saturday, I have no doubt we could win out, including the game at Freedom. It’s just our lack of consistency that kills us. We’re capable of being the best team in the conference when we want to be.

Jcl and PB hit the nail on the head. This team needs big wins and guess what this team is capable of winning out and winning at UL. The problem is consistancy. I hate to say it but Wednesday night is the kind of game that we traditionally come out flat. A win against UL with us winning get’s us a 7 or 6 seed. A nice run in the conference tournament could move us up to a 5.

I fear that will most likely lose at UL and lose oen more game before the conference tournament.