Rice Away Game 2-15-20 3:00 Tip

Senior Day in Houston as the Niners look to lock down a spot in Pod One with Bonus Play kicking off next week.

NOTE: link below takes you to Rice MBB pregame piece in spite of title etc:

Does coach subscribe to the concept of “a must win game “? And is this concept utilized in his game prep, in the mental aspect of motivating the team? Some coaches say they approach each game the same. They SAY that, but do they mean it. My point is: THIS IS A DAMN MUST WIN for this team and program, and I’m sure many fans like me who are bought in and ready to take the next step up. We have to win this very winnable game. Please do not approach it like we did the very winnable southern miss game or “the next step “ may not come until next year. I think a sense of urgency is a useful tool. Use it.

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I agree. Failing to win this very winnable game is inexcusable.


win or lose we have already taken the next step.


Historically we’ve done better in Houston than in Charlotte - 3-3 on the road vs 1-4 at home. Rice has beaten North Texas and ECU, but the Owls live and die with the 3. Took 37 shots beyond the arc (out of 61 total shots) vs ODU, connecting on only 8. Defend the 3 and we should get the W.

Being too quick to defend the 3 burned us against North Texas. When rotating…our post defender would fly out to cover the open wing too soon well before the swing pass was even made and left their big guy all alone inside for an easy open dish and layup…happened a lot.

Just checking stats - Rice has taken 756 3s (out of 1,510 total shots), making 259. We’ve taken 452 3s (out of 1,229 total), hitting 159.

Bamba is great at rotating out but we have no one to cover his spot on the floor. Would it be better for him to stay in the paint and not rotate out?

It’ll be really disappointing if we lose this game, even more so if we lose a spot in pod 1, but in the grand scheme I do not believe it’s a “must-win” for the program.

In the long run, I get the whole “approach it like every game” because that’s actually what you want your kid’s to do. We as fans tend to confuse that with not getting up to playing or not having any urgency. The coach wants every game to be mistake free, stick to the game plan, and execute in all facets - again, every game. If we lose, it’s not because the team didn’t take it seriously enough, it’s because we just didn’t execute.

What should happen when the center goes out to help a wing drops down to the paint. This happened on many occasions and then didn’t on some leaving their player wide open. It puts the wing defender in a little bit of a decision on how committed to the pain he should be versus letting his player leak out to the 3. I believe the idea is that by the time the ball swings to the player our center is recovering and the wing defender is recovering. I won’t call the player out, but we have at least one guy who either doesn’t want to leave his man or doesn’t pay enough attention to what is happening around him. He is always standing behind their player after he dunks it.

  • RESURGENT SEASON - Charlotte enters the Rice game with a 14-10 overall record and an 8-5 Conference USA record. Charlotte’s 14 wins match the previous two seasons combined win total (2017-18 - 6 wins; 2018-19 - 8 wins). Charlotte’s eight Conference USA wins is the most by the 49ers since 2015-16 when 49ers won nine Conference USA games.
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The extended three point line is probably making the rotation by the big more difficult but I agree at times the opposing teams big is left in the paint with no defender anywhere near him. I also noticed this a lot in the UTSA game. Not sure if teams are figuring us out or if our players are getting wore down later in the season & not able to rotate as fast.

It’s a pick ‘em. Oh joy.

ESPN BPI Matchup Predictor gives us a 54.1% chance of winning.

I understand where you are coming from, but losing this game is likely to happen so idk what you expect.

Someone in the Shoutbox summed it up best, this game is the difference between a good and an Ok season. Hope I’m wrong but until we show that we can win a game like this on the road I’m not betting on us.

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Hunh. I have this game listed for seven tonight. Glad it’s this afternoon. Odu is losing by 11 at the half. We win, Pod one gravy time.