Richmond Niners:

Where’s the pre-game?

Preferably a place with decently priced Baby Guinness shots. No joke, when I Johnny D 88 and myself took a Baby Guinness last night, we were down by 14. We all saw what happened. I hereby declare the Baby Guinness to be the official shot of Niner fans everywhere.

I heard of Guiness beer, but now they have a whiskey, too? :o

I’m not going to be able to make pre-game, but VA said something about Bailey’s out on Broad st.

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:2, topic:24694”]I heard of Guiness beer, but now they have a whiskey, too? :o[/quote]Baby Guiness is Kahlua mixed with Irish Creme. It’s not actually Guiness, it just looks like a Guiness beer.

Many places are using Patron XO Cafe now. The difference between it and Kahlua is night and day, my friend.

Patron is ten times better

take many baby G’s before the game so you’re even louder, I think we can pull this one off against Richmond

If you’re in Richmond for the game, there’s a bar or two in/around the area that’s known as “The Triangle”. This is a shopping node a few miles from UorR campus near the intersection of Three Chopt Road and Patterson Ave. Pretty sure there’s a bar in the grocery anchored center and also one in the small strip behind the Exxon just north. If you cue up Google Earth or Google Maps aerial you can see shopping centers in relation to UofR campus. Bailey’s is west out on West Broad, pretty popular sports bar, larger, louder just not as close. I hope to be at game, Go Niners.

I know of the places you are talking about but haven’t been to them. A couple of years ago, I think it was when we first joined the A10, Nick got a bunch of people on a bus up to Richmond and we pregamed at Baileys. They gave us a seperate room, etc and it went pretty well. It’s actually part of the Fox and Hound group I think and has decent food and cold beer. I plan on going there after work for a couple of beers before the game as it’s only about 5 miles from UR. If anyone wants to check it out here’s the web address:

OK, I’m in. See you guys in Richmond!

Great! See you at Baileys.

The NNG bus will probably arrive in Richmond around 5pm. If it’s within walking distance, we’ll bring a loud crowd.

Not exaclty withing walking distance to Robins Center as it’s about 5 miles between Baileys and UR. Could always restart the bus though. That’s what they did last time.

Great! See you at Baileys.[/quote]

Damn it… guess I’ll just see you guys at the game.