Rob Peterson - 2017 SF

[size=small][font=verdana]Okay 2k, fill in the gaps. Rob Peterson, the son of Buzz, plays at Charlotte Christian with Mark Price’s son Joshua. Mark and Buzz became friends at the Hornets, and Price went to Buzz for advice on our job, and then the type of staff he should hire. Price hired Houston Fancher, Buzz’s assistant, and successor at App.[/font][/size]

[size=small][font=verdana]“The younger Peterson, 17, looks very much like his father and has a similar build at 6-foot-5 and 170 pounds. Like his father, Peterson is developing quite a game. He leads the Knights this season in scoring (13.5 ppg), rebounding (8.5) and steals (1.6). He’s second in assists (2.4).”[/font][/size]

Peterson is a top 35 recruit in NC, in his class. I would not be surprised if UNC-CH is his first choice, but that situation could get cloudy. For now, I am just starting the rumor.

[size=small][font=verdana]Read more here:[/font][/size]

I read that article earlier today, doesn’t sounds like right now he’s a CUSA level player. Has a year to develop, could always see a walkon spot here, but imagine UNC-CH would have this as an option too.