roller hockey

i was wondering if anybody on this board plays roller hockey. i play for the school and am trying to get as many people to try out as possible. we hold tryouts at the begginning of the school year.

[i]Originally posted by ninerfan55[/i]@May 26 2005, 01:11 PM [b] i was wondering if anybody on this board plays roller hockey. i play for the school and am trying to get as many people to try out as possible. we hold tryouts at the begginning of the school year. [/b]
I could maybe try. I'll think about it. There's something about Michiganders and hockey.

i definitly recommend trying out. college roller hockey has become an incredibly competitive and fun sport. i was shocked when i started playing at how big it is nationally. here are some more specfics about it though.

every league is under the ncrha(national collegiate roller hockey association.
our league,the acrha is merging with the scrha(which is teams from florida and georgia area) to form a new superleague.

teams who get a bid to nationals get to go and see new cities you otherwise might not get a chance to see. nationals this year was in colorado, last year it was in anaheim.

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

When will y’all play? Maybe I’ll check out a game. As a grad, I obviously don’t have eligibility.

our schedule is not yet posted but our first games should be around late september or early october.

Are you talking about roller derby?

To increase your chances at the type of responses you want, I would suggest posting the following information:

1.) Who is eligible (only current students, current students + faculty + staff, etc.)?
2.) What is the cost (do you fundraise, who pays for equipment, rink time, etc.)?
3.) Where do you play?
4.) When do you play (general idea of game times and a general season calendar)?

the dues for each semester is about $100. this covers practices and hotels. you must also purchase a jersey and pants. this is usually about $60. we do a few fundraisers per season in order to help raise money for this. anybody associated with the school is allowed to play. we practice at the charlotte sportscenter on hankins road on sunday nights. we occasionaly have games there, but usually we travel to raleigh for those. i hope this information helps. if anybody has anymore questions, feel free to ask. as i said before, im trying to get as many people to tryouts as possible. even if you feel that you dont have the best skills in the world, we can always use as many players as possible for a “b” team. tryouts are usually the first week of school and we start practicing almost immediately after. our first weekend of games is usually around late september or early to mid october.

I play roller hockey on the weekends at a park off Sharon Amity. We get out 8-10 people each weekend to play. A lot of the guys are pretty good. Most of them play at Charlotte’s Sport Center and play ice hockey.

We play from 10-12pm every Saturday. Real scale nets and goalies. We play on asphalt. The court is shaped in a oval, so it works well for hockey. There are even small walls that serve perfect for boards.

If you are interested in playing, here is how to get to the park.

From UNCC- Harris BLVD to Sharon Amity. Take Sharon Amity until you cross over Independence Ave. You will come to a light, not sure of the name of the road, but go through it- you are still on Sharon Amity. There is a gas station and Ekard to your right and a memorial park to your left. Go about 1/2 mile and you will cross over railroad tracks. After the railroad tracks you have about 200 feet. There will be a light (yellow caution blinkers). Turn Right there on Craig Street. You will go about 1 mile and over some speed bumps. The park in on the right. You will pass a church and CMS School Supply warehouse. There is not a good sign for the park, but you will cross over about 4 speed bumps and it is there.

We send out a email every Thursday night to see how many people are going to play. If we don’t get enough, we cancel. We also let you know if we are playing. If you want to be on the distribution, post your email and I will have someone add you to the post.

It is a good time and the guys are cool. We are looking to get a few more people so we can rotate games.