Rose Earns UNC Charlotte Honorary Alumna Award - Charlotte

I hope no one showed up…or they booed her.

She’s gone fellas… You are booing the opponent after the game is over and your team won… Golf clap for a few seconds and focus on tomorrow


I am very excited for Judy’s retirement.

I am focused on tomorrow but this opponent beat us 28 years in a row and we are recovering from those losses. I want her legacy to be wiped away and her to always be known as the most disliked person in charlotte 49er history.

I do like that we recognized Betty Stancil.

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We are not at war with the past. If we spend all of our time, or even a measurable amount of our time, at war with the past we will never succeed. We are, however, armed with our knowledge of the past and if the current administration ever strays from a commitment to winning we know what to do.

Until then I’m all about helping Mike Hill build the best Niner Nation possible. That’ll give me more satisfaction than any grudge match against the past. Just my two cents.


Betty worked with the alumni office for many years. She recently passed away. She was one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet and 100% southern hospitality.

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DOBA, buddy :upside_down_face:

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Wait I thought people were supposed to be triggered about this?

I think at this point grown-ups appreciate the solid facilities, the balanced budget, the clean NCAA record, and the six figure donations Judy has made and thank her for her service. On the field we are not where we hoped we would be, but Hill has the foundation he needs to get us there and that is a lot. Why dwell on anything else?


Yea I agree with the sentiment here. It’s time to stop the Judy bashing. Correct people when they are wrong about the facts, or what happened, but at this point, you’re going to look like an :horse:-hole if you keep bashing her. To each his own though.

Everybody with a brain knows we were correct. I won’t say justified due to the nature of how things went down, but even the most staunch of Judy supporters will tell you they are impressed with Mike Hill.

The best way to show how terrible Judy was is by showing how amazing we are with new leadership. I am much more excited about proving that out and that will be the fine print her legacy.

Congrats Judy! Enjoy retirement. Time for us to move on and up. The history books can tell the story.

I agree it is time for us all to move on. I understand the sentiment of some to continue to trash her including the new guy who runs the Barstool, but like I told him we need to move on and ignore her. Her time here is done and we are in a new era and it’s time to embrace it instead of going back to throw bricks at her.