Roster needs for 2019



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Defensively, I feel like we are in really good shape. Biggest key will be learning a new scheme.

On O, I really like the skill position guys we had. I really like what we’ve brought on on the o line. More competition there is never bad though.

Biggest Q is QB. (I feel like we’ve said this in almost every offseason of this program). I really like Reynolds, and I loved pope out of high school. If neither can do what Healy wants us to do though we are at square 1. Bad spot to have a question mark.


QB is huge ?.

I’d love to see us get another OL grad transfer that has some good experience on the field.

Let’s hope Marcus West can infuse the rush defensively.


He was listed as a LB but I think losing Juwan Foggie will hurt the secondary as well. He did of lot of things on the backend to cover for some of our deficiencies last season.

Otherwise I think you’ve nailed the needs on the current roster.

I’d like to see some competition behind Benny at RB. I was expecting more from McAllister but at the same time our Oline was hot garbage. IMO we have really wasted the talents of Khalif and Benny.


I am not overly concerned about QB. We will do just fine as long as we have a QB that will keep teams from stacking the box. We don’t need a 300 or 400 yard per game QB. The O-Line on the other hand needs to be good. They need to give some time to the QB when we do throw, and they need to open holes for Benny to run through. If the O-Line sucks you could have an All-American QB and it wouldn’t matter.


If RPO is the offense, we have a huge concern at QB. Reynolds is perfect for a quick passing game… smart, throws with accuracy… just not sure he’s got the physique to run that type of O.

The defensive backfield should be one of the best in CUSA this year. Get some holes patched on the DL we could be a very solid unit.

The O Line still scares me… hopefully these transfers add some stability.

Kicker is on lock for a few more years. I’d love to see us add some electricity to the return game… Trey Bly might be the PR we have been waiting for.


Well said. If they can add another OL transfer, that’s huge to help out there.

Talent is there at WR/RB, with a solid QB offense could really flip the script. If it’s Reynolds leading the way, I think we will really have to rely on defense + special teams to help us bowl. Reynolds can make some plays and doesn’t turn it over, but hasn’t proven to be a guy to go out there and win you ball games on his arm talent.


I like Reynolds, but I’m like you in that I think we would rely heavily on others to make a bowl. QBs can flat out take you to another level, or cripple your team like no other position. I see Reynolds as being a good, serviceable guy, but would like to find better. If we dont though, he should be our guy and I will back him. I did not like Evan at all, and hope he is deep on the roster


We will waste the season if we don’t recruit a QB that can run Healy’s system.

2020 is going to be brutal because of all the defensive losses. The window is 2019.


Coach Healy talked about what his preference is, did it escape everyone that he also said that he can coach up the pocket passer also? And anyone with even a moderate amount of football knowlege knows that an RPO offense doesn’t REQUIRE a running QB, even though it is nice to have. What is required is a QB that makes great split second decisions and can take advantages of the numbers the defense gives him. Remember, Run still does include handing it to a RB!!! I wish ya’ll would quit acting like you actually have a clue as to what the new HC is actually going to do to win games.


Uhhh that’s kind of what a message board is for, to express our opinions, right or wrong. I’m almost positive he said he likes a mobile QB. So I would assume that is what he is looking for.



Healy stated in his opening press conference that he wants to run a RPO offense and prefers a dual-threat QB. I think we can all look at the roster and agree that type of QB isn’t a part of our roster as of today. Healy did mention that he can scheme the offense to a different style of QB, but clearly the type they want just isn’t here as of now.


Since we’ve been on the topic - Here’s a new article

He can run the system with no problem, and I bet he’ll be out there for years. I’m not sure where the idea came that he can’t run? He just likes to throw because he’s good at it and will always extend to throw first. There was nothing designed for him to run in the 5 games you’ve all seen. In 2 years at high school he ran for over 1000 yds and 20 tds on very few designed runs, and ran a 4.75 in high school. He weighs 200 and is identically built to russel Wilson at 200 lbs. he missed 3 snaps before the ankle (an injury from high school) due to blood and one due to the wind getting knocked out - so I don’t know where the he’s not durable part came from. They call him Rocky in that locker room and the assistant AD , hills friend, quoted saying he’s one of the toughest he’s ever seen. Extremely athletic and could be lethal on play action.

Let it play out because you’ve seen 5 games and I think you’ll be seeing a lot more.


I don’t think anyone here is wanting anything BUT Reynolds to absolutely kill it.

I do think its VERY fair to wonder about the fit. Healy’s AP teams showed the QB’s were a big part of the rushing offense.

2018- 2 QB’s played meaningful snaps and totaled 746 yards rushing (#2 and #6 rushers on the team)
2017- 2 QB played meaningful snaps and totaled 959 yards (#2 and #3 rushers on the team)
2016 - 3 QB played meaningful snaps and totaled 1075 yards (#2 , #4, and #5 rushers on the team)

Based on relevant history, he likes for his QB to be a weapon with the ball on the run… It would be awesome if its Reynolds, but the questions are more than justified. No one should get their feelings hurt (Reynolds or Pope or whomever) just play hard


Not at all, I absolutely agree with you, and I believe some are rooting for him. But if you go back to day 1 - I’ve seen less support and far more doubt to the point where many made it clear they would have and would throw him out for any other recruit with high ratings. I.e no one knew a thing about Evan but called for him early, And that only proved why he was beat in camp. And yet still many would already have him replaced - which is a mistake. It’s not the questioning of his fit that’s bothersome.

Now regarding his fit, yeah he’s not going to run for 1000 yards, BUT, I’m speculating, but I highly doubt any of Healy’s qbs can throw the ball like Reynolds, or have the head and intelligence of Reynolds so it makes sense you’d run more with them in that scenario. With a good passing qb who’s athletic and absolutely CAN RUN effectively, and Benny in the back - you can adjust the system while still running the system. Healy said he could adjust to his guy, and my expectation is that you will see just that. 400 yards rushing for the season and 200-250/game passing,
I would also go rewatch his highlight tape - he ran the RPO in high school where he was dominant. They switched to a pro style this year so we didn’t see it.
Just saying there’s been a lot of doubt for not seeing much, and I’d like to see more belief. If the job is won by someone else I’m sure it will be deservingly and I will wish them great things.


I agree with you JSpaulding2.


Shireffs got hurt in camp.

The thing I liked more about Reynolds’ game was his ability to run from the DL that our awful pass blocking let through. What I didn’t like was that he couldn’t see over them to throw to a wide open TE on his 2nd or 3rd snap as QB. Nothing has changed my opinion in every snap since. He’s a tough kid, but there’s a reason that guys his size are the exception and not the rule.


Regardless of height, his vision and reads were way above Shirreff’s. My guess is Shirreff is not on the opening day roster.


Spaulding with a great post. I’m guilty of this line of thinking as well.

In all reality, Reynolds is the best QB we’ve had in program history and it’s not that close. Him getting the keys again next year is not a bad option.