RPI and observations

This is ESPN dated yesterday

We are 31st.

Of the top 50, 15 have fewer than our 2 wins over teams in the top 50.

Of the top 50, 36 have fewer than our 8 wins over the top 100

Of the top 50, 32 have fewer than out 8 wins off their home court.

Of the top 50, only 8 have more than our 6 road wins.

Of the top 50, 10 teams (including Charlotte) have 2 or more +100 RPI losses.

Basically, the point is as of this second, we are dancing easily. Winning just one of the tough three we’ve got left should be OK as long as we beat Tulane, USM and USF.

Also, taking us out of the picture, UAB and Cincy have yet to play. The loser will get that 5th loss and likely clinch a CUSA tourney game on Wednesday. Depaul and UL will play and the loser will have their 3rd loss. Assuming that UL loses against Depaul, their game with Memphis will give the loser 4 losses.

My predictions as of today is that UC will win out and finish 12-4, UAB and Memphis will play Wednesday with Memphis getting the 4 seed.