Rutgers HC Mike Rice ESPN story/video

Just insane.

Absolutely ridiculous. Who would let their kid play for that guy after seeing this video?

“What’s wrong with what Mike Rice did in practice?” - Bobby Knight

Seriously, I’m surprised one the players didn’t pick the ball up and throw it back at him. It’s okay to guide players around and show them where they’re supposed to be, but the verbal abuse, the ball throwing, and assault-like clutching of the players is uncalled for. And to put on a happy face when the AD comes to practice and then turn into the devil after he leaves, just goes to show that he knows he shouldn’t be doing it.

Coach Major will be on WBTV3 at 7:00pm with his reaction.

Matt Doherty aka Matty Ice says Mike Rice is a p*ssy and I saw no one running sprints in thier jock straps!!