Salisbury Post Article on Niners

Nice story from another local paper.

Lutz, Charlotte Enjoy Their Ranking

X, that’s actually the same AP story that I posted earlier from Still, nice to see it getting picked up by the “local” press…

Sorry, Run. Not trying to steal your thunder. My dad emailed the article to me. I didn’t even check the by-line. The board has been hopping today, so I haven’t got to read all of the posts to know what has and hasn’t been posted. Man, what a ranking does for your publicity OUTSIDE your home city is truly amazing. :smiley:

[i]Originally posted by X-49er[/i]@Feb 16 2005, 12:35 PM [b] Sorry, Run. Not trying to steal your thunder. [/b]
X, no problemo. I wonder if the guy who wrote the story is the freelancer who's going to cover the game for the Chicago Sun-Times.

The pub from OUTSIDE Charlotte has really started getting better.

This is also on the front page of Yahoo’s NCAA section.