Saturday, November 29, 2008 games of interest

[B][SIZE=2][COLOR=Green]8:00, Charlotte women vs S0uthern Methodist women, Hoops for the Cure Tournament, Dallas, TX[/COLOR]
3:00, [COLOR=Blue]Saint Louis[/COLOR] at Detroit
4:00, [COLOR=blue]Temple[/COLOR] at Buffalo
4:30, Miami, OH at [COLOR=blue]Xavier[/COLOR]
7:00, [COLOR=blue]Saint Bonaventure[/COLOR] at Canisius
8:00, [COLOR=blue]Dayton[/COLOR] vs Marquette, Chicago Invitational Challenge, Hoffman Estates, IL
8:00, [COLOR=blue]Massachusetts[/COLOR] at Wisconsin Green Bay
8:30, [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue]Rhode Island[/COLOR][/COLOR] vs Villanova, Philly Hoop Group, Philadelphia, PA

11:30, [COLOR=blue]Old Dominion[/COLOR] at Marshall
3:00, Campbell at [COLOR=blue]Appalachian State[/COLOR]
5:30, [COLOR=blue]Mississippi State[/COLOR] vs Texas Tech, Legends Tournament, Newark, NJ
7:00, East Carolina at [COLOR=blue]Winthrop[/COLOR]
7:00, Saint Francis, PA at [COLOR=blue]Youngstown State[/COLOR]
8:00, [COLOR=blue]Tulsa[/COLOR] vs Illinois, South Padre Island Classic[/SIZE][/B]

Old Dominion lost to fking MARSHALLLLLL

I guess average fans don’t realize how good those two basketball programs are. :cry

UMass and Charlotte are 1-8 vs. DI competition yikes. I never thought I’d see the day where I was worrying that we’d bring Saint Bonaventure’s RPI down!!! Anyway we get Wisconsin-Green Bay today. Ken Pomroy has their RPI at 41. I nice road win should help our confidence some…

[QUOTE=walaboom;365942]Old Dominion lost to fking MARSHALLLLLL

I guess average fans don’t realize how good those two basketball programs are. :cry[/QUOTE]
I like what Donnie Jones is doing at Marshall. And I’m sure there are quite a few on this board who would like to have seen Lutz outrecruit Jones for the services of Damier Pitts!

BTW, interesting doubleheader in Huntington today – men’s hoops followed by football!

[B][SIZE=2][COLOR=Green]Charlotte women 76[/COLOR]
Southern Methodist women 74[/SIZE]
[I]Charlotte wins the Hoops for the Cure Tournament championship in Dallas as Ashley Spriggs hits a 15-footer with less than a second remaining. She was named MVP of the tournament with a 20-point night and 5 rebounds. Aysha Jones scored 15 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and passed out 6 assists. Traci Ray had 14 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.[/I]

[SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]Saint Louis 57[/COLOR]
Detroit 62

[COLOR=red]Temple 73[/COLOR]
Buffalo 83

Miami, OH 53
[COLOR=Blue]Xavier 60[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Saint Bonaventure 66[/COLOR]
Canisius 68

[COLOR=blue]Dayton 89[/COLOR]
Marquette 75

[COLOR=red]Massachusetts 67[/COLOR]
Wisconsin Green Bay 84

[COLOR=red]Rhode Island 65[/COLOR]
Villanova 78

[COLOR=red]Old Dominion 64[/COLOR]
Marshall 68

Campbell 66
[COLOR=blue]Appalachian State 79[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Mississippi State 73[/COLOR]
Texas Tech 77

East Carolina 63
[COLOR=red]Winthrop 60[/COLOR]

Saint Francis, PA 66
[COLOR=red]Youngstown State 65[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Tulsa 44[/COLOR]
Illinois 48[/SIZE][/B]

The A-10 SUCKS.

Best teams in the league (and maybe the only good ones)-

  1. Xavier
  2. Dayton (nice win today vs Marquette)
  3. URI (2 losses to top 15 teams on the road)

[QUOTE=run49er;365962]for the services of Damier Pitts!

Dee Bost as well…both from this area and both had an outstanding year at Hargrave. Wish we had one of those guys…

The A-10 SUCKS.

And it can be argued that we are biggest suckers thus far