Scrimmage tonight

Any report on the scrimmage tonight?

No news here is usually bad news.

I liked what I saw, I dont know his name or year but #30 in the men’s was playing pretty well for someone i don’t remember seeing before

Edit: just looked him up, Bertram a redshirt freshman, I liked what I saw from him and hope he’s a solid contributor

Martin and CSC did not play and Bamba was not present last night. I guess Martin probably didn’t because of past injuries. Not sure why CSC did not play. Williams could be a force if his game is there. He definitely does not have a freshman body. Bertram played well as stated by Tristan above. The other player that stood out to me was Rissetto. He was playing pretty physical in the post.

clt asks who won, and what was the final score.

Had green and the over

Williams is a bit of a wildcard. If he learns the defense and offense quickly you could see him doing well quickly. How was the PG play? This will be key for replacing Davis. I think we need to move the ball better this year and reduce the turnovers. We have the shooters if we can get them the ball with some space.