Seagate 80GB/160GB

At the risk of looking like the anandtech’s “Hot Buys” forum, I thought I would post this since we were talking about the Seagates the other day…

I’m not a big fan of Best Buy, they have have a couple nice deals on the Barracudas right now. If you purchase online, you can get the 80GB/8MB cache drive for only $39.99 AMR and the 160GB for $109,99 AMR. Can’t beat that deal but make sure you purchase online because I think the in-store purchase only gives you back $10 less in rebates and it’s a store gift card. Free shipping online as well.

Tough to find the Seagates on special like this. Think I’ll jump on the 80GB just to store games and images on.

What O/S are you using JCL? Hard Drives > 120 GB require 48 bit (rather than 32 bit) addressing, which is only supported via XP Home/Pro Service Pack 1.

I think I’ll get that 80 GB one myself. If it’s like my 60, it’s a great drive.

Friggin thing is SOLD OUT already:

80 GB Sold Out

I’m on 2000 NA which is why I was just getting the 80GB. I listed the other for those of you who’s OS is compatible. I only need it for backup storage (games, images, etc.) and that should hold me over for awhile.

Read that it was on backorder so keep checking because they are supposed to get more in on Wednesday.

NA, if you’re still looking for this drive, CompUSA has the 80GB on sale through next week (7/18-7/25) for the same price ($49.99) after a $15 instant rebate and $30 mail in rebate.