Season finale @ Rice 3/9


#14 CHARLOTTE 49ERS (7-21, 4-13 C-USA) @ #11 RICE OWLS (13-17, 8-9 C-USA)

Saturday, March 9th @ 8PM

Tudor Fieldhouse, Houston, TX



Crazy stat - although Rice leads overall series 7-4 and has won five straight vs the Niners, we are 3-1 vs the Owls at Tudor Fieldhouse.





i’ve never “seen” a player take a team on his shoulders like tonight! jon is Golden!


How did we win this game? Did rice even try? Did they rest their starters for the tourney? Did we really play well enough to win? (obviously we did, but, really?)



More wins this year than last. It is a move in the right direction. On to Spring football.


Rice needed to twice shoot 50% from three, well above their average, to beat us in Halton. No surprise that Charlotte was able to capitalize on a pedestrian night from the perimeter by the Owls.


Whole game was close. Jon scored 12 straight points at one point late on the second half including 3 straight three pointers. Mangum, Martin and Robb sealed it at the free throw line.


Winning 3 of last 6 is definitely progress even if 2 of those were in the bonus play basement. Losing JD’s scoring will hurt but I am still looking so forward to next season. Sooner or later the odds have to go our way so I’m hoping at least 1 or 2 of the new guys coming in next year will turn out to be really good & fill the void. Just having a full bench of scholarship players should be an improvement even if they are young & inexperienced.


loosing jon will not be addition by subtraction but i do think some others will realize they have to step it up a bit and i believe we have several that are capable of just that. jon’s recent comments abt his time with us and his love of U of C endear him to me as much as his splendid record.


Only a very small number of the best teams will end their season with a win. And us.


We have ended with a win two years in a row. :roll_eyes:


Losing JD should help the overall team defense and turnovers. Certainly will impact scoring though and will force some of the other kids to step up. I do think overall we will be a better team next season partially because JD won’t be there for the guys to rely on.


I’m expecting/hoping for 10-12 wins next season with the loss of JD being offset by all of the new parts and depth.


11 wins? God that would suck.


agree. i expect higher than that.


I’m shocked that you have lofty expectations for next year.