Season finale @ Rice 3/9


its so unlike me, i know. i actually dont have lofty expectations. im setting 15 as the minimum but 16-17 is my expectation. hardly lofty.


Aren’t you tired of setting unrealistic expectations and always being disappointed?

I’d say your expectations have a 15% chance of coming to fruition. 10% chance of 15 wins and 5% chance of 16-17.


how is 15 wins unrealistic? i think it’s quite reasonable. no reason not to win at least that many.


Doubling win total with losing our leading scorer seems lofty. We definitely made some progress at the end of year but we only won 2 games against top 150 teams. Expecting 15 at bare minimum feels very on brand for you though. I hope we do, but I don’t think it’s a realistic expectation.


What was your pre-season realistic expectations for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons and what was the result? There should be over under threads out there.


we also have a full roster for the first time in forever, a quality recruiting class, and, on paper, some quality shooters. think about how many close games we lost this season.


55’s preseason expectation for this season “i’m going to say over. i will predict 15 wins. i think we have the talent and athletisism and coaching to see a significant improvement plus the conference, although improving, is still not great.”


done responding to you if you’re gonna be in a mood this morning. i don’t need to defend my optimism to you or anybody else. i actually have confidence in sanchez and it doesn’t take much in hoops to change your fortunes. i could be wrong but i’m not gonna do this back and forth where you eventually pull out my predictions from the last couple season.


Your optimism is bringing down the mood on here.


Assuming we have 1 or 2 transfers we are still going to have a “young” team. However, those young guys played a ton of minutes. Also have transfers who have been in the system for a year. Winning barely double digits with that is unacceptable. CUSA is not good and we should be able to easily win 7+ game in conference.


totally agree. it’s not a “we are going to be so good” thing, it’s a “cusa and our schedule is pretty soft” sort of thing.


Right now, with the class we have coming in AND - ASSUMING nobody transfers out, I would say 14 wins. We’ll see who we lose.


We are one of the reasons CUSA isn’t any good


This season we had six games that we lost by five points or less. To me, these seem like the very definition of games that we could have won, probably with just a little more offense. We had Jordan Shepard, Luka Vasic and Tyler Bertram sitting on the bench. I want to believe that if they had been on the floor they would have added enough points to the effort to get some of those wins. Add our eight wins to these six and I think we could have been a 14 win team this year. Of course we probably would not have won all six, but we also might have picked up one or two where the margin was more than five, but less than 10. Let’s say we might have been somewhere between the 8 we won, and the 14 where we were close. Eleven wins seems realistic using this impossible scenario.

Next year we will have this team minus Davis and Haslem. I don’t think losing Haslem costs us any games, so the question becomes will the addition of Jahmir Young, Caleb Stone-Carrawell, Anzac Rissetto and Brice Williams offset the loss of Jon Davis. If so, 11 wins seems realistic and 14 not too big a stretch. We should be much more difficult to guard next year, but nobody knows if these extra shots will go in. If they do at a reasonable clip I think 14-16 wins is reasonable. This would at least get us to the Conference Tournament.


Let’s keep in mind that the roster isn’t done shaping itself. Things change.


Also the incoming freshmen should have a better idea of what to expect with the system, than this
years class did.


clt predicts we make the tourney

cusa tourney