Love them and hate them at times but i’m going to miss seeing these guys play, especially Curt. Congratulations to the program for graduating its players too.

Goes without saying. Curt, Mitch, Marcus, and Chris…and even the white guy. You guys will be missed!!! :unhappy::unhappy::unhappy::unhappy:

Just kidding, we’ll miss ya too Tripp!

I loved it when Nance fouled out and everybody gave him a standing ovation.

All will graduate this spring according to Lutz. Curt only needs one class this semester. EJ will get a double major as he continues his career next year. Tripp Miller is an engineering major. Btw, his dad also went to Charlotte.

I will miss them all. But, I’ll miss Marcus Bennett the most. He is always a force. Another gun that’s always ready to give us a lift. Thanks for sticking around with us.

I was glad to see the fans cheer for Nance when he fouled out. I wish he could have finished his career at home better though.

i wish the ncaa wasn’t such toolbags when it comes to what the players can or can not do. It gives a guy, such as marcus, not as much playing time as he deserved. He’s going to go as one of the best players in the history of charlotte if you ask me because anyone who sits out two seasons and doesn’t play just so he can get a chance to play for 1 season is cool in my books.

[QUOTE=zepandragefan;158019]I loved it when Nance fouled out and everybody gave him a standing ovation.[/QUOTE]

LP…were you at the game last night???