Random thought…

I recently typed “Charlotte 49ers message board” or “forum” into Google and this site doesn’t appear on the first two pages of either of those searches. I wonder how many hits this site isn’t getting because of those results?

When I google I get the “Did you mean” which is a SF 49er site. The “real” is listed just under that though.

yes, this should be updated. Maybe help get some new blood on here.

I’m an SEO Analyst for a company in Maryland.

Forums are hard to do anything with. The site would really need a home page that is a separate entity from the forum that can have custom title tags, meta descriptions, and static content.

This site is currently set up in a way that everything on the front page changes with every new post. There is no content that search engines can index.

Having it set up with a homepage with the URL and a forum with a URL of would be ideal.

Links to the site with relevant anchor text (i.e. “Charlotte 49ers Message Board” or “Charlotte 49ers Forum”) would be incredibly helpful as well. Links from quality sites, with relevant anchor text, have a great impact that anything else you can do to improve search engine ranking.

perhaps it should integrate with GTG for consistency? If it’s even worth it… I like the tipple N the way it is.

GTG could simply link to the board with the text “Charlotte 49ers Message Board” to help.

Anyone that posts on other forums (like the A10 board) could create a link back to NNN with the same anchor text to help out as well.

NNN should have a set homepage with a link to the forums if it really wants to improve search engine rankings. That will allow us to set the title tags as something like:
“Charlotte 49ers Message Board | Forty Niner Fan Site |

That would allow us to target a few keyword phrases and there is virtually no competition for those words, so it wouldn’t be hard to rank first.

For those that aren’t #aware, what does the acronym SEO stand for?

Simple Elegant Oracles.

clt talked to poochie’s uncle and our best bet to drive traffic will be to add scarlett johansson naked pics to the home page.

From my personal experience, terms to bring in more traffic would be “Natalie Portman Closer” and “Dead Owl”.

I’m pretty sure this site still is set for dofollow on profile links. That’s PR leaving the site.

[quote=“Ninerballin, post:12, topic:25949”]I’m pretty sure this site still is set for dofollow on profile links. That’s PR leaving the site.[/quote]Pretty much every link on this site is dofollow except for the 10 most recent post links on the front page.