Seth Davis on Niners

Got this from A10 board, thought it was a dose of reality…interesting how he viewed us as such a “new” squad, errr we have not been through enough battles together yet with so many new faces

This was in a Seth Davis article on It's from coaches around the league.

CHARLOTTE: They have a great frontcourt. They’re old school in that they’re a low-post offensive team. They have a shooter in Derrio Green who can shoot them in or out of games. My question with them would be,if they run into a team that is as big and strong as they are, will they answer every time they get punched? Shamari Spears is a transfer,Green is a juco transfer and Chris Braswell is a freshman, so it’s not like they’ve been there, done that. Spears is their best player. You have to play him with a bigger player and make him be a jump shooter.If he can drop his shoulder and go through your chest, you’ll have along night ahead of you. But against a bigger player he will turn and shoot fadeaway jumpers, which will take him out of position for rebounds. They’ve made more free throws than their opponents have attempted, so you have to try and keep them off the line.

great read, the rest of the top teams are listed too, but this new NNN won’t let me past more than 5000 characters…growl

what he says about RI is funny, Baron is a real whiner to other coaches. And that X swagger I noticed in about 2 seconds is apparent to coaches too.

says Dayton has the best players

talks about how long Richmond has been together as a squad…hmmm

That was a good read.

On the drive in this morning the local AM sports channel was talking NCAAs and discussing local teams. Imagine that. Had a guy on from and said Charlotte was iffy and had to win the next two games at least to get a chance. Said Richmond was in but didn’t discount them falling out if they lost their remaining games. Basically said X, Richmond, and Temple are in and the rest CLT, RI, and Dayton had tons of work to do and help from others. Said Dayton’s hopes hinge on it’s road game against Richmond as Dayton desperately needs a road win.