Seth Davis Picks Us to Win

I hope he’s correct but Davis’s picks aren’t golden… last week: 4-6, overall: 32-18.

I also picked us to win tomorrow, I am currently 12-3(or 80%) on the year.

How long until Seth get s rid of the “reader”. He is getting embarrassed.

We rebound tomorrow with a big win to touch off another winning streak.

My belief is we can win out with our remaining schedule going into UL on March 3.

We have no tough games on the road and have Cincy, Memphis, and Depaul at home. The only hiccup I can see is @St. Louis but I think we get over that hump this year.

Barring another injury set back, we’re going to open some eyes.

Book it. :fastgun:

The key is to have our PG back, without him we may have a string of tough games. We can’t put up enough points to win without him, in fact we can’t put enough shots without him, much less points.

What is his status tomorrow ?

I agree with seth on this one. I’m sure we’re gonna win tomorrow. And as for mitch… i’m pretty sure he’s gonna play… considering lutz was about to put him in when we played cincy. 3 days later i’m sure he’s going to be healed by then, but he won’t be 100% better. Hopefully the niners will learn from what happened at cincy and will be ready to roll against the eagles. go niners!

[i]Originally posted by Bballaeric20[/i]@Jan 21 2005, 05:44 PM [b] 3 days later i'm sure he's going to be healed [/b]
It's 3 days later. I'm sure he's going to be healed*