on Rodney White

[b]• Rodney White: How to sabotage your career: Chapter one, page three. Last week, White allegedly decided to celebrate the expiration of the ban on assault weapons by getting a few friends together to shoot guns from a moving vehicle. For maximum impact, he chose the nation's capital as the shooting range. Brilliant. Teams that might have had an interest in him aren't just backing away, they're moonwalking. That's a shame, because White is a point-producing machine capable of averaging close to 20 a game in the right system, and he's undervalued because he was stuck behind Carmelo Anthony last season. If he cuts out the Soldier of Fortune routine, he could be the steal of free agency.[/b]

Big Names Left in Free Agency

Sounds like he thinks Rodney could be a player if he had his head on straight. I personally like the fact he realizes Rodney is a scoring machine.

[b]I personally like the fact he realizes Rodney is a scoring machine. [/b]

For Rodney’s sake, I hope he’s not scoring in prison.

Everyone seems to realize his potential, if someone gives him a chance he should flourish with some PT. This is assuming he aviods any serious trouble with the law from the incident. and he probably cost himself a good amount on any contract, oh well, just want somebody to give him a chance(it might take a big injury for someone to sign him though).

From the Rocky Mountain news:

Forward Rodney White, in a Washington jail facing charges for allegedly firing a pistol from a car Sept. 5, has a Sept. 24 release hearing. Vandeweghe has not closed the door on the free agent re-signing for a third season with the Nuggets. “I don’t have all the facts,” Vandeweghe said from Los Angeles, where he soon might meet with Dan Fegan, White’s agent. “We’ll wait and see how it turns out. . . . But he’s been part of the Nuggets family. . . . I’m rooting for him.”

Still a chance he remains a Nugget.

[b]If he cuts out the Soldier of Fortune routine[/b]

Rodney is joining the A-Team.

He’s going to get something from his lapse in judgement, hopefully it won’t be much more than time already served.

[b]He's going to get something from his lapse in judgement[/b]

Much needed “wake-up call” anyone? Hope that’s included in the experience.

White is out of jail and his agent is meeting with Kiki about possibly resigning.