Signing Day Update on!!!


I have had it with this site. There hasn’t been a new article or a new post on the message board in over a month. And there has been nothing proprietary or exclusive that is also newsworthy since last season. The whole point of joining the site was to have access to articles and interviews that we cannot get anywhere else. And we get maybe 4-5 per year that have ANY substance at all to them?!

I have seen outright SCAMS try to be more legit than this site!!

The 5 of us that are members over there are paying $100 per year for literally…NOTHING!!!

I am done being the fool. If a fellow Niner can scam me and soak me for my hard earned money…then I have no problem reporting a fellow Niner to the Better Business Bureau. Those of us that are members should be entitled to FULL refunds for at least the last 2 years.

Sorry…had to vent somewhere for someone else to hear and feel my pain. Tried to over there…but was literally venting to myself.