Silliness which has become the NBA

Some stats from the combine…Bench is how many times they could press 185 lbs, Vertical is in inches, Lane Agility in seconds…

Player Bench Vertical Lane Agility

Josh Childress 11 36 11.95
Luol Deng 5 31.5 11.46
Ben Gordon 12 37.5 11.28
Devin Harris 5 37 11.03
Dwight Howard 7 35.5 11.21
Kris Humphries 22 36 11.33
Andre Iguodala 4 34.5 11.17
Luke Jackson 13 36 11.1
Al Jefferson 3 30 13.08
Shaun Livingston 0 30 10.72
Jameer Nelson 15 33.5 10.95
Emeka Okafor 22 34 12.32
Peter John Ramos 2 26.5 12.61
J.R. Smith 5 35.5 10.93
Josh Smith 12 39.5 11.43
Kirk Snyder 19 35 10.79

Average 9.8 34.25 11.46

Someone PLEASE explain how Livingston can even get a sniff at the 1rst round!? Nelson and Gordon are studs for PG. Snyder looks very interesting. But Livingston, NO.

Apparently Livingston has ridiculous vision and the passing skills to go along with them. The knock on 90% of all high school players is that they aren’t strong enough coming into the league, a 0 in that catergory is a little shocking, but he’s got some stuff you can’t teach. The most positive outlook on him is Lebron without the NBA-body right away.

Peter John Ramos 2 26.5 12.61

He only benched 185 lbs and he’s 7’3 and 260 lbs, there is no way possible he is going to be able to hold his own down low in the NBA. has him going 1st round to the Jazz, I’d love to see how he’d match up against the Western Conference’s big men

long arms make bench pressing hard.

How many times do you think Iverson can bench 185 and he has been in the league for 8 or so years. How many times could Payton when he left OSU? For quick guards the bench is a pretty meaningless stat unless you are going to do a lot of posting up smaller guards.

NUN -> I’ve seen Livingston play and he ain’t an Iverson type-> doesn’t really create off the dribble well or consistently knock 15 footers down. It’s all hype -> there are plenty of kids with his BB acumen and skills in college.

'Nuff said.