sincy at loserville tonight

I’m thinking we pull for sincy so they can lay a second conference L on the cards who are in first place and sincy won’t be coming here on an L themselves. Then we hand sincy an L here and we’re back in business in the CUSA race.

Cincy most definitely.

We don’t want them coming off a loss again, and we want UL to have another loss. UC beats UL and we beat UC = 3 way tie.

Absolutely the 'Cats to win.


Most definently pulling for the bearkitties. Only problem is UL is playing REALLY well lately at it’s at their place.

UL beats UC
Charlotte beats UC
Charlotte beats UL

That’s what I vote for.

We play Cincy twice, so their record will weigh more heavily in our RPI than Louisville. For that reason alone, we should pull for Cincy…

This is a no-brainer. You must pull for Cincy, you never want to play a team coming of a loss.


Cincy. No brainer.

  1. We play them twice and Louisville once. This helps our RPI.

  2. Don’t want to play Cincy off of a loss again

  3. This helps us more in the standings, giving us a chance to pull back into 1st place tie on Saturday

Cincy for all the above reasons and just b/c I hate UL.

I hope they tie, F’em both.

[i]Originally posted by hootie[/i]@Feb 2 2005, 03:34 PM [b] I hope they tie, F'em both. [/b]
word. i hate them both.

is there any way they can both lose!?

I’m pulling for ECU vs Memphis.

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Feb 2 2005, 04:30 PM [b] I'm pulling for ECU vs Memphis. [/b]
you arent the only one.

go Butt Pirates! beat the Fur Coat Stealers!!! :lol:

sincy is struggling. With 6 and change left, loserville up by 7.

6 pt game

As usual, Niner Loudnproud and I are in agreement and right.
If Louisville wins we are in control of our destiny. We can win all our remaining games and take the top spot for the CUSA tournament.
If Cincinnati wins, we could win all our remaining games, including the cincy game Sat, but still need help to finish ahead of the Bearcats.

Cincy lost…I hope you guys give’em a two game losing streak