SLU losing Star recruit

Tommy Liddell, the crown jewel of their '05 recruiting class, is reneging on his verbal and is going to UNLV instead.


No matter how bad I want to beat them in St Louis for a change, that is pure crap. I hope Soderberg nails them. The kid had SIGNED with SLU. It wasn’t just a verbal.

Even more disturbing - a signed LOI is only good through August? WTF? They’re meaningless then.

Wow, this one’s getting stranger by the minute. Now the guy has dropped UNLV, and wants to go to SLU after all!


Well, if Tommie Liddell does re-sign with SLU, their 2005 class could be a pretty good one assuming that Kevin Lisch follows through with his oral commitment to the Billikens.

In the meantime, Mr. Liddell needs to get his head on straight…

NA, if a player does not qualify academically after his senoir season and has to go to prep school to get qualified, is the letter of intent still binding? Who has the option of foregoing the letter, if anyone? The player? The University?

I’ve heard of a player committing to go somewhere, not qualifying, and then he goes somewhere else after prep school. I just don’t know how the binding part of the agreement works (i.e. who has the option of release).

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

After signing with the Billikens, Liddell decided to attend a prep school this fall but recently said he assured Soderberg he would re-sign during the next signing period. The 6-foot-5 guard remains bound to his letter of intent until the start of classes in late August, making him off limits to other schools.

Link: Liddell wants to reopen recruitment, SLU says

Of course, Mr. Liddell has changed his mind (after changing his mind!) since that article… :rolleyes:

Well, while Brad Soderberg & Co. will have to wait until November to see if Tommie Liddell re-signs with SLU, looks like the Billikens are getting themselves a pretty decent PG in Dwayne Polk, who led St. Louis Vashon H.S. to three Missouri state titles (he scored 38 in the 2003-04 title game as Vashon finished 31-0). The following is a report from last Friday’s Missouri Basketball All-Star Games:

[b]Class 4-5 Boys

White 99, Blue 94 (OT): Vashon star Dwayne Polk scored an all-star game record 40 points to lead the White to an entertaining late-night win.

The lightning-quick point guard scored in transition, half-court sets and from long-range to break the record of 34 points set by Corey Frazier of Charleston in 1994.

“All-star games fit my style of play pretty well,” Polk said. "You don’t have time to put in a lot of offense so there’s run and gun like we do during the season.

“I like to get my guys involved too. If I would have had 40 assists, I’d be even more happy.”[/b]


BTW, the Billikens have already put out their prospectus for the 2004-05 season:

Link: SLU 2004-05 Men’s Hoops Prospectus

Liddell has decided that he will go to St. Louis after all and will honor his commitment.

Actually, the latest from Liddell is that he will re-sign with Saint Louis in November. His original NLI becomes null and void in August since he was academically ineligible and will attend prep school in Viriginia during 2004-05. We’ll see if he follows through with re-signing with SLU in November. I’m not holding my breadth… :rolleyes: