Small Iti mention..

Mock Draft

He’s projected to be picked early in the second round in 2006(after his junior year).

more interesting is that Withers isn’t anywhere to be found(next years draft or 06). Gotta work on that jumper Curtis!

Has Von Wafer going 10th. That whole situation that we went thru with Wafer still bothers me.

That site is crap. Their predictions for next year are god awful. Padgett won’t play for Louisville, Cheyenne Moore a high 2nd rounder??? PLEASE. This guy was just a ho hum type of recruit when we were looking at him (we thought he was a grade less then what he was). They just throw up the most athletic guys and high school rankings to form there predictions. At one point they had Hae-Jae Sing as a lottery pick when he first announced. We all see how that went.