So little buzz on Iti

Like most here, I’ll be disappointed if Martin decides to stay in. No doubt he could improve in college. But if there is money to be left on the table, you’d have to understand any kid taking the shot. Thing is, though, I’ve tried to look up any info out of the Chicago camp on Iti and (except for Bonnells piece), there isn’t any to be found…None! No mention of him except his measurements (surprised me to see he was really 6’10" in shoes, 6’8" in socks) and the goal-tend that cost his team at the end of one game.

With no hype and near universal advice to withdraw, I’m still hoping the kid reverses course and returns as a Niner. Only wild card I can think of is family situation? Can he need to take the risk forhis family? Anyone know the family situation at all?

Guess we’ll know soon enough…

As I remarked to a friend tonight, Iti has so much potential to improve if he stays in college. Yet so much potential to fail if he goes to the NBA now.