So.......When does Obama/Congress weigh in?

Public institutions screwing over other public institutions.

Most of them receive federal and state funding.

It’s only a matter of time.

I wholeheartedly agree with the article. I usually do not like government intervention. However, if this is not creating an oligopoly, I don’t know what is. It is diminishing free and open competition, creating barriers to market entry and violating anti-trust laws (IMO).

I thought these were “student”-athletes, & their “education” was paramount. :))

I’m not saying it(congress weighing in) won’t happen. I’m just failing to see what the suit would be to be successful.

It seems all they have to say is that with the number of new programs/schools increasing we have to create a new division to better manage it and to create a more level playing field within the divisions. We’re already using different divisions in athletics. This is just expanding on a system that is already in place.

Plus, it will allow for us to have a playoff which everybody is asking for.

No matter what system is devised, he said, some schools and conferences are "not going to have as competitive a chance as others - I mean that's just the reality of the world."

Perlman added that the logic behind concluding a playoff system would be equally suspect under antitrust laws is simple. “If it was held that it’s illegal for us to get together (to create the BCS), it’s hard to see how getting together to create a playoff wouldn’t reach the same result,” he said.

Ugh!! Typical BCS BS. “If the current BCS is considered violating antitrust laws, then we would be forced to go back to the old bowl systems”. I knew that would be the mindset they would have. But still frustrating to read. They(the BCS) never discuss why a playoff is not an option. They just say we’ve never had interest in a playoff.

Luckily there still appears to be a few people arguing the other side. Surprisingly one of them was Dean of Law at BCS school Indiana. But we need more. Hatch will not be as involved going forward IMO.