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Watched this match.

This was an extremely young squad we put out there. The only player most would recognize was Walker Zimmerman.

Looked good early. Very aggressive, showed good ball movement on the attack. The goal that they scored early was excellent. But they lost focus got caught napping by the Serbs twice, including right at the start of the 2nd half.

Lots of discussion the entire game about the open Manager slot. Not sure any of this matters much until that gets sorted.

USA to host 16-team 2024 Copa America with 6 CONCACAF teams. The format will feature 16 teams, 10 from CONMEBOL and six from CONCACAF, with teams from the North, Central American and Caribbean confederation qualifying via the 2023-24 CONCACAF Nations League tournament.

Discussions with some U.S.-based potential venues are already underway, according to sources, and it’s possible that several of the cities set to host World Cup games in 2026 would also be used for the Copa America.

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That is gonna be a fantastic tournament. Can’t wait.

Hope the IS gets it’s skipper and it’s crap together by then. We have the talent to compete with the right man leading us.

USMNT vs Colombia about to start.

7:30pm TNT/Peacock

Again it’s a young lineup, but it’s a good preview of the 2026 WC cycle plus all the big tournaments before that.

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One of the Serbian goals was due to Zimmerman screwing up in the wall (what was he doing jumping like that??), he also almost gave them another goal gambling at half field when we had nobody behind him, kind of hope that someone else comes in that can take his spot. The other was a breakdown by the defense where the defender got bumped off the ball and then just watched. The guys on offense looked good at times, seems like there’s some talent coming up to join with our young core.


Match is live on ESPN+ Sunday 1/29 (today) at 11:30 AM EST

This was absolutely great match today.

Sheffield scored off a corner 62 seconds into the match. Being a club 3 divisions above Wrexham, it could have been easy for the fighting Ryan Reynoldses to give up and get steamrolled.

They didn’t. They fought back hard. And though they didn’t find the back of the net in the first half, they kept the pressure on Sheffield and proved they belonged.

Then, in the 2nd half, they tied the match on a close in chip across the keeper to the far side of the net… And the then just moments later found the net again to go up 2-1. Fans were starting to feel giddy. Could they actually beat one of the top Championship level clubs? Unfortunately just a couple minutes after that, Sheffield, who were pressing up with their attack, found the net, and tied it 2-2.

Wrexham eventually recovered and started applying pressure again. There was a cross with a blatantly clear handball in the box on the Sheffield defense, but the refs missed it, and there was no VAR for the match (I still don’t know why).

Undaunted, Wrexham kept pressing, and around the 83rd minute or so, Paul Mullin found the back of the net, and Wrexham took a 3-2 lead. They were just minutes from pulling off a dramatic upset and moving on to the final 8 of the 128 team field (which is full of Premier league teams) as the only non-league club left. They Wrexham fans sang a cheer for Ryan Reynolds who was absolutely giddy, and everyone started counting down the last few minutes of the match.

7 minutes of injury time were added. 7 minutes to the promised land.

Unfortunately, 4 minutes in, Sheffield got a clean opportunity off the left side and tied the match 3-3.

Wrexham had 2 extremely close calls trying to get one more before the whistle, but ultimately the match ended in a 3-3 tie.

Wrexham remains undefeated at the Racecourse this season. But now they will have to play a rematch at Sheffield - where the odds of winning are stacked against them.

It was an absolutely amazing match though. A roller coaster of highs and lows.

And that damn handball… That could have been the difference.

Great match. Watched the entire game. That last minute equalizer from SU was a kick in the nuts. Wrexham had it in the bag. Now on to the replay, which will be tough. Wrexham needs to focus on getting promoted, not the FA Cup, so not sure what type of lineup they will put out in the replay.

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Yeah I have to agree with you, they need promotion way more than they need to win the FA Cup, which they aren’t gonna do anyway.

That would have been a helluva upset though.

In a purely financial sense, if Wrexham did someone advance to face the Spurs, it’d be better to play the match in London. I believe the teams split gate receipts 50/50 in FA Cup matches and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium holds a lot more people than the Racecourse. Would be a nice bonus to the Wrexham coffers.

Seems like the USMT is trying to build depth, which is a good thing. We also need to find a striker.

As predicted, Wrexham goes down in the rematch.

Probably best for Wrexham as now they can focus solely on promotion. They are three points behind first place but have two games in hand.

Edit: Wrexham played great, pushed the game into extra time but then gave out of gas it seems.

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