Soccer/Futbol thread ⚽

Great match! Where does it rank in terms of soccer matches held in Charlotte?

We must have a few of the better ones as well.

Nick carboni said it above…

And right on cue…



Sorry for all the soccer posts but there is a lot happening tonight

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Posted at 11:25 PM:

clt says 77 south must be crowded with the fans heading back to colombia. not a bad trip tho, 90 mins or so

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Yes it’s disgusting, but reports are that it was the family section and players were defending their families. Never want to see a player enter the stands but it’s a shame the security wasn’t tighter too.

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Could we actually get what the majority of US soccer fans seem to want?

figures. tuchel feels more believable and even that feels like a stretch. maybe they should try targeting someone like moyes or mourihno if the top targets all turn them down

Why cant we ever get something we want as fans?

Aren’t we the ones paying for all this crap?

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I’m not 100% sure I know Renard’s style, but he seems attainable. And he motivated Saudi Arabia to beat Argentina.

Plus we can tell our wives that it’s Jaime Lannister and they’ll want to watch the games too.

I hope what happened after the Colombia/Uruguay match doesn’t hinder future matches of this type in Charlotte.

Hopefully not. Pretty sure stadium security will be more attentive and beefed up for the third place game on Saturday between Canada and Uruguay.

I hate to say it, but what if Uruguay had won? Ona last second goal or controversial call? That crowd was 70k, about 67k of which were passionate Colombia fans.

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