Soderberg trying anything to get SLU on track

Saint Louis coach Brad Soderberg has decided that seniors Reggie Bryant and Izik Ohanon will come off the bench. That didn’t quite help in the first game he did that (a 56-53 home loss to DePaul), but it did in the next game against South Florida (a 55-47 win in Tampa).

The remarkable thing about the South Florida game is that leading scorer Bryant didn’t even play as he remained in St. Louis with the flu. I’m assuming he will be available for tomorrow’s game versus the Niners.

I heard that Saturday is Brad Soderberg Bobble Head Day at SLU.

Reggie Bryant has to kick himself everytime he thinks about transferring to SLU. It’s bad enough that a player of his caliber has to play in that offense, but now he has to sit a watch the games rather than getting to play.

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 11:31 AM [b] Izik Ohanon will come off the bench. [/b]
How could anyone bench the Mideastern Marvel?!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!