Someone in the Athletic Dept owes Bilas

a blank check (or at least a few rounds of golf at Augusta National)…playing like this after he’s gone out on a limb trying to acknowledge/promote the program.

I wouldn’t blame Jay if he called in sick for a couple of days.

No kidding, thanks for the support jay, I’m sorry our team always chokes. It’s starting to look like with the exception of cincy, Lutz is becoming the Mack Brown of College BB, can’t win the big one, but at least Brown wins the ones he’s supposed to win. This is absa-freakin-loutely pathetic, either we win the CUSA tourney or we we don’t deserve it, I know it may sound horrible but I’d rather not go than have another first round exit, sheesh!

Hush yo mouf! Name another school in the nation that is in proximity to regular Final 4 squads that does so much with so little. We all question Lutz’s strategy and adjustments. Notwithstanding, do any Central Connecticutt’s, Southern Illinois’, or Binghamton’s reguarly make the dance? Bilas only told the truth. EB is still the best ripper in the country and the team is still capable of making a deep run. Honestly, I’ve never felt so good about a Niner team. This is just the slap in the face that the Niners need.

Pork Chop,

I really like what you have to say and your signature. The sun did come out today and there are still quite a few games left. After Cincinnati loss the team did make a big come back. This is a good time to make a deep run into the Big Dance. And, prove to the basketball world that Jay knows what he was talking about. [SIZE=4]Go Niners ! ! ![/SIZE]