Somewhat OT: Most Tortured Sports Cities

It’s down to the last two, as Buffalo was unveiled as number 3.

Think Charlotte will be in the Top 2? If not us than who? New Orleans? Los Angeles? Sacramento?

Even with the Panthers going to the SB last year, it hasn’t been too hot here the last 25 years sports-wise.

Well, as a die-hard Bills and Sabres fan, let me just say that #'s 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 2 and 1 stir up some pretty painful emotions. Though I must say that Super Bowl XXV was the most brutal in hindsight because it’s certainly the one we should have won. Had we still gone on to lose 3 straight after that, the criticism likely wouldn’t have been so harsh had we at least had one ring under our belts.

At least the Bills are starting to make progress again but the Sabres seem to be on a downward spiral after a few good seasons in the late 90’s and their choke job in 2001 to Pitt. :frowning:

#1 and #2 has got to be Pittsburgh and Philly.
Pirates haven’t had a winning season since Sid slid (Ask me or Lefty about it)
The Pens suck, the Steelers haven’t been good enough, UPitt can’t get over in fooball or basketball.

Philly hasn’t won anything since the Stars won in the USFL.


Philadelphia has to be in their. Joe Carter’s Homerun, The Eagles every year, the Sixers 4 straight losses to the Lakers after taking Game 1.

How about Cleveland though. Jordan’s shot over Elho, Elways comeback, the Browns bolting for Baltimore and winning a superbowl. The Indians getting upset by the Marlins. I think they should be #1.

Gotta be Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh at least reached the Super Bowl in the 90’s.

I don’t care who was on the Marlins. The Indians had no business losing that year.

Cleveland HAS to be in there. 97 was horrible, but it was just the tip of the ice berg of sad Cleveland sports moments. Though the Tribe still has great fans like myself who will be in Atlanta this weekend to see them continue thier climb to the top of the AL Central!