Southland (Season 5) - TNT

Enjoyed this ode to the best season of this increasingly compelling Cop drama set in LA. If you haven’t watched the show, it is written and filmed in a no holds barred documentary peek in style, but without the preachiness or manipulation you typically see…

I really liked the show last season, but this season has just floored me. It’s been some of the best televsion I have seen on basic cable in quite some time…

Some comments from the story, I couldnt agree more:

I didn’t read this post (yet) mainly because I don’t want to be spoiled. The appeals you have made during the Station Agents Podcasts, convinced me to pick the show up about two weeks ago. Now I’m halfway through season 4 and I can’t believe I’ve missed this show. Even as someone who never watched the show until very recently I’m sad to see it go. Definitely the best cop show currently on American TV, it will go down as one of the best ever. Anyone who has never watched this show is truly missing out.

[ul][li]04.12.13 at 2:24 pm Leapin_Lizards Yeah I was the same way man. Completely ignored it, then since they kept talking about it on here I started and…my God…it’s amazing. Can’t believe how much I give a s*** about the characters.[/l][/l][/l][/l][/l][/l]

The show is in danger of cancellation… which I just learned about this week. I am stunned. It is easily one of the best written shows anywhere. If Walking dead were written half this well it’d be impossible to miss. Instead, it trudges on and a show like this is facing the chopping block… makes zero sense.[/ul]

I wouldn’t say it makes zero sense. Walking dead is awful, but it is an awful show about Zombies, something there isn’t a lot of precedent for. There are plenty of gritty cop dramas set in large cities.