Speaking Spanish Help

a job I took a year ago requires me to deal with a large amount of exporters in Miami- in person. Anyoone have a good suggestion on the quickest ways to learn spanish? They speak English, but I hate it when they go Spanish on me with their coworkers and I miss whats said.

Rosetta Stone. I hear good things about that.

While tapes and websites will get you by, unless you’re surrounded by it day in and day out I don’t know if you’ll be able to ever understand what’s being said.

People who learn Spanish as a 2nd language speak it totally different and understand it differently then those who grew up with it or live in a predominant Spanish speaking culture. I’m not saying you’re not educated enough to pick up Spanish but for some reason I have the feeling when the exporters speak it amongst themselves it is filled with slang, and terminology specific to their region. Spanish terms in Cuba can be different from those in Mexico, and in other places.

But good luck, I had the same issue when I was in Barcelona last year, I could speak it to them and understand them when they spoke to me, but when a group fired back and forth at eachother I had no clue what was going on.

Make friends at a mexican resturant and eat there often.

Seirously… A c ouple of my friends, they are in Spanish together, and they go to a mexican resturant, and converse with the staff, they are all friends with them. They picked up alot.

Total emersion is the the quickest way to learn a foreign language but usually the least practical. My wife is a native spanish speaker so I hear it quite frequently (especially when I piss her off!) I’ve taken some classes at the local community college to help and always try to practice when I go to a mexican restaurant or any latina establishment. The only way to learn is to practice and practice daily. You don’t need to learn every word, just enough to get by. Good luck!