Special teams cord & linebackers coach

Hearing coach Thurmond was let go.

Strange move this late.

I have respectfully declined the opportunity to be considered. I appreciate the opportunity though

I can confirm this.

I can confirm Max Thurmond has is no longer the STC/LB coach. This has been in the works for a while and more than likely won’t require a long search for the replacement.

Based on this change, I think we’ll have a staff realignment on the defensive side of the ball.

clt is hearing luke keuchly was spotted on campus


If you were a 28 year old multi-millionaire that was already retired, what better place to hang out than a college campus. Living the life!

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I can confirm Luke was on campus. image


Luke’s GF, Robbin (IIRC but maybe not), might have a thing to say about that life!
But what a land!!!

Adam Braithwaite dc out of Richmond the new linebackers coach.

New OL coach.

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