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[b]Membership Requirements

Required Games

Attend all non-holiday Wake Forest Men’s Football home games listed on the home football schedule in their entirety or provide another Wake Forest student as a substitute to perform the obligations herein set forth.


You will be allowed to miss one game during the season. Missing a second game will result in dismissal from the Screamin’ Demons.

Any Screamin’ Demons leaving the game early will be counted as an absence for the game and may be dismissed from the group.

Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. Such language and behavior includes: extreme profanity, negative behavior towards the Demon Deacon team members and coaching staff, administrators, etc.

Screamin’ Demons agree to cooperate with and abide by the decisions of the W.F.A.A. game productions staff. The Screamin’ Demon leadership reserve the right to remove anyone from the group for this reason.

Game Day Procedures


You are to arrive a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes before the start of each game. A record will be kept of late arrivals. One late arrival will be allowed. Two late arrivals will be counted as one absence. The gate will close promptly five minutes before the game time. If you arrive after this time you must be let in by Groves Stadium staff.

Screamin’ Demons Reserved Seats

Screamin’ Demons have a reserved section at each home game; the same section is reserved each home game.

Seating is available on a first come, first serve basis; Screamin’ Demons may sit in any available seat in the reserved section at the time they arrive.

No one may reserve a seat for friends arriving late; if you want to sit together, you’ll need to arrive together.

Wear your Screamin’ Demon T-shirt before and throughout the game to aid ushers in identifying non-members. A member may appropriately remove a T-shirt only to display official school color body paint after obtaining admittance into the Screamin’ Demon section. Anyone seen in the section without a Screamin’ Demons T-shirt or appropriate body painting will be assumed not to be a member and he/she will be removed.


I think the contract is a good idea. Does Gang Green have any such thing? GG has seemed to decline over the years. I can remember (seems like 2nd year) they filled their section and the section over teh tunnel and now they seem to have a hard time filling the first section. Not bashing on GG, just curious what rules there were for that group on attendance and how it was marketed to students. Seems like some things could be learned from that experiment…

I think that contract sucks. Tell the screamin demons to go hug some more trees.

If the goal of this school is to have more than 2 full sections of students regularly attend games, I think this (or something very similar) is needed. Unless of course, you want to wait for winning to attract people.

Of course, someone would have to pony up for the overhead of managing the arrival, late arrival & early exit of the people.

Ive been to three WFU games this year and they have been a loud group for every game.

Well, it is something we’ve talked about. But, you’d be suprised at how many new people we have at SOAR and such that say something like “I can’t make it to all of the games, but I still want to join, is that okay?” If we were to turn those members away, we would probably end up having about the same numbers. Late arrivals/early exits really aren’t an issue, though.

We do have the conract of no inappropriate language, etc., and you can be kicked out at the discretion of exec.

[i]Originally posted by NinerMac[/i]@Feb 1 2005, 02:32 PM [b] .... extreme profanity.... [/b]
Of course, I could just imagine the debate as to what constitutes [b]extreme profanity[/b] from just plain ole profanity.
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