Sports Betting in NC

Sports betting coming to Cherokee.

Finally I’ll have somewhere to go!!! I’ve been waiting for Florida to pull the trigger but they haven’t. And well my beloved Georgia will not have any gambling for at least 4 to 8 more years. Thank you NC!

clt asks if we can use a Cherokee app to bet off site

What if you drive a Jeep Cherokee?

According to the article no. You can only bet at tribal casinos in Cherokee and apparently a newer one Murphy, NC.

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So how much are the FBS schools getting?

If it’s zero then that’s complete horseshit.

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Same info from the Action app.

I’ve had good luck with this app tracking my bets.

However if anyone has a recommendation for a better “all bets, all books” tracking app I would love to hear it.

There were a few prop bets I made a Caesar’s this year that I simply could not find a way to track in the Action App.

No more traffic jams on 85 South going to Two Kings!!!

I hit a traffic jam every time I went except for one time.

Traffic out that way is just awful.

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clt says that pic is :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

clt is betting the Charlotte FB over at midnight on 3.11

Depends what it’s gonna be. If it’s 3 again it’s easy money.

If it’s 5……. Unsure.

With the addition of Brown the basic analysis is going to be (they will have roughly the same team with a better QB so let’s up their win total).

Found some interesting information about the tax revenue from online sports betting starting March 11. According to the following article, the 13 UNC schools get equal shares of tax revenue generated going to their athletic departments. Each year, $300,000 to each school and then 1/13 of 20% (about 1.5%) of additional tax revenue above 8.5 million. Of course, things change and they anticipate $0 tax revenue this year. Still found it of interest and wanted to share.


Is that going to be rhe same as the education lottery money that was suppose to not be touched and a week after passing it was changed to basically be a slush fund.


Are all the betting Apps going to offer bonus money? I don’t care that much about sports betting but I wouldn’t mind collecting some bonus money for trying the App.

March 1 is the first day they can make offers - Establish the Run has a list of state specific offers here:

I’ll try to post others when I see them. I’m pretty sure the books can make offers official on Friday March 1st.