Stadium Statues

Yes, they are in the works.

Just the one pic? You tease!

Unfortunately, the one picture was all I could get.

Looks like a football with a hand gripping it on the background. I’m guessing the statue will be in a throwing motion.

Last report is that the stadium will have 2 statues.

I don’t think it was ever confirmed though if they meant 2 at each major entrance (ie; 4 total) or just 2.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’ll be JUST 2 statues.

Also got a Tweet from that the tennis statues should be up now, or soon.

They are up.

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WOW! Now our stadium has the expansion capacity to 60,000!!! :o :))

It always has 49er1. Judy confirmed that much. It can be expanded to 40,000 with no demolition. Minimal demolition will be necessary to take it to 60,000. I doubt we’ll ever need 60,000 capacity though unless we get into the SEC or ACC.

That’s a big ass statue! I bet the other one is a running back

Oh yeah, I think I remember that now.

I hope the other is a statue of Norm. Something like my avatar picture would be awesome.

Or something like this.

Stop dreaming big Mr. B.

That would take effort and foresight from our AD.

Why can’t we give the Defense some love?

Why can’t we give the Defense some love?[/quote]

As long as he is Tebowing

matthew stafford should feel great

[quote=“ninerID, post:19, topic:26555”]matthew stafford should feel great


Wow! Good catch!