Star Wars Ep. 3 trailer

I need something to cheer myself up after the poor excuse for a basketball game that the niners played tonight. I saw the trailer after the OC but need to see it again. Surely it’s online somewhere. I thought it was on AOL but can’t find it. Anyone know where it’s at?

Yoda and Palpatine go at it! Money!

EDIT: It’s on now. Score.

I hope this movie doesn’t suck like the first two. Actually I kind of liked the first one, saved only by Darth Maul and the doubled bladed light saber. Ep. II sucked. I’m hoping that this one is riddled with so much action and light saber battles that it would drown out the more than likely bad acting.

When is Star Wars 4, 5, & 6 going to be on TV? They used to be all the time before 1 & 2 came out.