Starting lineup/ppg predictions

I’m bored and jonesing for some hoops talk so i thought i’d get the ball rolling. what are evrrybody’s predictions for starting lineups/ppg? mine are:
starting lineup:
young 15ppg
shephard 14ppg
williams 6ppg
supica 7.5 ppg
garcia 7.5ppg 1.2 bpg
CSC 3ppg
risetto 1ppg
khalifia 1.9ppg
byrd 4.1 ppg
threadgill 4.8 ppg
Pfeiffer xfer 0.2 ppg
vasic 3.9 ppg

I think by mid point of the season garcia ends up starting and i could see him outproducing my predicted point totals. obviously, these are guesses based on game footage i’ve seen of incoming recruits and projected improvement from returning players.

I don’t see vasic returning this year. If he does it won’t be intel second semester

i was operating under the assumption that we won’t see him until second semester but i wouldnt be suprised if he doesn’t play. that leaves us shorthanded a bit bc if cannon is not given a waiver(don’t think he’s applying for one), we only ahve 11 schollie players suited up.

Are we trying to get a waiver for Cannon? I didn’t know that was even being considered. If he can play this year I like our chances to be top 4 in the conforence again.

i dont think we are. i would expect us to be top 4 or higher, with or without him. no reason not to this season.

Williams and CSC only 9 ppg combined? Expectations have dropped big time from last years class.

i was trying to be conservative. i could see williams having anywhere from a slight increase in ppg, but i could also see him becoming a double digit scorer. i usually put my expectations too high so i decided to be conservative. i put csc pretty low at ppg bc i dont know what to expect from him. i wouldnt be suprised if he avg signficantly north of what i projected.

My take from this is that Sanchez has a lot of pieces to play with.

He better only play with his top 7-8 pieces.

That should do. But I can imagine those pieces could change over time. We’re upgrading re talent/athleticism.

Just speculation on my part concerning Cannon since the official announcement of his signing is ambiguous as to his status.

Going with these individual numbers we would be averaging a little over 75 points per game. That would be nearly 10 points more per game than last season so I hope your predictions are correct. With good defense & some extra scoring we could be in for a really good season. I just really hope there is a basketball season this year.

Anybody willing to take a stab at depth/rotation chart?

my guess:
pg young
sg shephard
sf matos
pf williams
c supica
i think by mid season, garcia starts at center. i think first off the bench at beginning of the season are garcia, CSC and byrd.

I have less faith in basketball playing than football! I like yalls rotations though

If basketball starts late, we’ll have lots to talk about next spring. Not even going to try to figure out how many teams will be playing then. Too many.

So how many of the bigs are on campus? I only remember seeing Garcia in the workout pics/videos. Our 5 spot will be behind in terms of development.

Season starts November 4th.

Who’s NOT on campus yet?

Per Scott’s piece with Sanchez and McKillop last month, all Niner hoopsters on campus except the international players.