Starting QB for 2018

who do you guys want to see starting this coming year? do yall think Brady Pope, Chris Reynolds, or Mic Roof can challenge Klugh for the job this year??

i thought roof was off the team. the transfer from miami might be the starter.

I just read up on that, man he just might be challenging Klugh that’s that’s up ! I like brady pope too tho, he might be the future

Reynolds got the start in the spring game, I’d have to think he’s in front of Klugh at this point. Shirreffs is who I think will get the job this Fall but it will be an open competition per Lambert.

All I ask is they pick just one QB to play.

Its going to be sherrifs, at least for a little while. I sincerely hope we redshirt pope unless he is simply dominant in the summer and early fall. I’ve said it before, Reynolds has awesome tape and seems like a winner. I wouldn’t count him out. If we don’t win early, this year will get ugly.

Someone not recruited by Brad Lambert.

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I think it is going to come down to Shirreffs or Reynolds.

Regarding Roof, I had a couple people tell me he was done and going to be a traditional student. For now he is still on the roster so perhaps something has changed.

clt bets sherrifs this year with pope being the future.

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Shirreffs, who missed a chunk of time during preseason camp with a hamstring injury, is now out for 4-6 weeks with another injury, the nature of which Lambert wouldn’t divulge.

Hmmm…interesting article.

The article makes it sound like they we have a spread package just for Klugh to run around in :roll_eyes:… Here’s to more drive stalling QB swaps in the red zone. 10 runs for 23 yards.