State of the Nation (Niner)

This board is hilarious. If we win, apparently certain players are the reason…or the coach is the reason. When we lose, yep, certain players get blamed or the coach gets blamed.

The bottom line is…I don’t care what the reason is but we played great last night. We rebounded well, shot well, shot Free Throws well, shared the ball well, etc. Coach called a good game and made good rotations and a lot of players stepped up and contributed. Some contributions were scoring, some were defensive, some were “dirty work,” some were being leaders, etc.

Just because these players gelled for one game doesn’t make us great all of a sudden but I am MUCH more and I mean MUCH more encouraged now than anytime over our last 5 games.

I don’t care which players do what. All of our guys are going to have good games, bad games, strengths and weaknesses (except for steady Eddie). It’s a fact and it’s silly to pick apart anything good or bad and analize it like we do.

I’m just glad that we played with passion and intensity and most importantly, we played like a Hungry TEAM. If we sustain that intensity we can still be a special team and have a special year that we all expected. But we have shown, if we lose the intensity, we are no better than our current RPI. Certain players aren’t to blamed for that…the TEAM is. We truly do win as a TEAM and lose as a TEAM.