Status of Harman & Tatum

From JJ’s article on…doesn’t sound good with these two either with Hill gone…

I think we’ll still get Harman and I can’t see Tatum going way out to KSU. It sounded like Harman’s uncertainty was more from getting interest from some other programs. We’ll have to wait and see, obviously.

I hope that we land both. I have a strong feeling that both are hidden gems. Losing Beasley hurts us for an all out publicity for one year. Losing these will hurt us by losing what will be the end of the juco era of Charlotte basketball. I am not going to even say they are going to be 4 year guys, hell i hope they are only 3 because that means that they have NBA talent.
Through AJC and 4shot i was able to follow tatum (and wilderness) quite a bit through the winter. The kid can flat out score and i havent heard one bad thing about him. Harmon i havent gotten a chance to follow as much, mostly due to the fact of being in a smaller area with less media outlets, but it seems his stock has never quit growing.