Street and Smith's college basketball preview...

The S&S college hoops preview edition is finally out! I really enjoy reading the S&S previews, they seem to really put forth a lot more effort than Athlon and Lindys. Anyways, I picked up mine yesterday.
Here is how they see the A10 season finishing:

St Josephs
St Bonny
Rhode Island

They have Deangelo on the A10 first team, along with Ian Vouyoukas, Rashaun Freeman, Bryant Dunston, and Carl Elliot.

Deangelo was picked as the best shooter, and Bobby Lutz was picked the best coach. Interestingly, Karl Hobbes got picked over Bobby for “Most likely to draw a technical.” We are ranked 5th in the league recruting rankings. Another intersting thing, check out the high school boys all american section… someone is missing, haha just thought that was funny…

I just don’t see UMASS being better than us. Maybe they will but I find that hard to buy.

S&S does do a good job though.

if the boys do their job early Halton will be a very tough place to play come A10 time.

I took a look at S&S while at Border’s on Sunday but ended up buying the Sporting News preview instead. Doesn’t seem like the S&S writer did much homework in ranking the A-10 after the top six teams. No way Temple finishes in the top half of the league, nor does La Salle go from 3rd to 13th in one season, even with the graduation of POY Steven Smith.

MK, if Ford can get UMass to play as a team with all the “horses” he’s got this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the A-10.

BTW, the various rankings of the A-10 by WH (posted in the “WH Previews the A-10” thread) has gotten quite a bit of response on the A-10 board.