Subs should get more time if starts suck

One thing I have noticed that Bobby keeps doing is putting the same slumping players in every game. Whats the point of bringing in EJ if he isn’t going to post up or shoot. It seems like he is stuck with only using the same 8-9 players every game. I personally would rather see him put in some subs and let them try and perform instead of throwing people in praying that they are out of their slump. I keep waiting for him to put Courtney in but I dont understand why he wont. He will probably just as effective as Nance, EJ, and Coleman

They aren’t going to break out of a slump sitting on the bench.

Thats true but why not give someone else the opportunity to perfrom since they cant seem to do it.

We should do what Pfeiffer did with their subs during the exhibition game.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea actually except leave Curt in. Let our players prove who is best in the game and not in pratice. like Allen Iverson said a year ago “were talking about pratice” lol lets get our subs in the game and make the starters fight to keep there spots.