Last night was a mess.

I got ready, put the good luck shirt on. and was ready to rock.

7PM- I sit down with a 6 pack of Newcastle and a pizza (not delivery, it’s DeGornio)
10PM- We get thumped, I have no beer left, and I burnt the living shit out of the roof of my mouth with the pizza.
10:15- Poured some Jack Daniels to ease the pain.
10:16-Realized Jack Daniels is not the thing to drink with 2nd degree burns in my mouth.
10:20- Threw my good luck shirt in the trash.
10:21- Rolled the trash out to the curb with no shirt on. Saw 4 neighbors. Got 4 funny looks.
10:30- Repeated same mistake made at 10:15
10:45- Mouth didn’t hurt anymore, had another JD
11:30- Went to bed… Technically I passed out on the couch.

6AM- Woke up with a headache and the feeling that someone threw a Malotov cocktail in my mouth while I slept.

I forgot to wear my baller band and I had to watch the game from a place I’ve never watched a Niner game before. I feel partly to blame… :frowning:

It could have been worse. In Asheville, the game was supposed to be shown on CSS.

5 pm- Pull into my favorite watering hole and down a couple of BLs
6:30 - Get a to-go order
7- CSS decides to show Texas A & M vrs KSt
7:15- Decide its not a fluke and drive to a bar
7:40- watch the end of the first and am reasonably happy
8:05- Then depression set in
8:45- left the bar and stopped to get a 12 pk
10:00- Remember I have a to-go order
10:05- Realize how bad 4 hr old hot wings are, too hungry and drunk to care
11:00 or thereabout- pass out
6 am- Realize that I’m not hung-over, and it scares me
6:05- Wonder if I’m the Niner fan that wishes the season was just the over

I guess I could have been in Memphis, that would have been a hell of a lot worse.

Hey guys, its all right to feel t’d off. Shows you are fans. At least you did not lash out at coach and team. Think how they feel this morning. I felt last night as though someone punched me in the stomach. Thinking it over this morning, I realized that I may have put My standards or desires or expectations in place of reality. We all do that and many times get disappointed. We will continue to be 49er fans and root for them in t5he NCAA’s.

Damn SI jinx. :stuck_out_tongue:

All my lucky underwear has been tossed after last night.

The team and coach need to be lashed out against…

After downing quite a bit of Crown Royal during the game, I found the loss much easier to stomach. I guess I’ve resigned myself to seeing our team in the 8/9 game each year. Why should we change now?

We have one legit star player at power forward.
We have one very versatile small foward/guard who’s best in a supporting role offensively.
We have a very quick point guard who cannot shoot to save his life.
We have a carnival act at shooting guard who plays hard, yet he can’t create his own shot when guarded.

I can’t help but think that if we only had a body to play center and get 10 points and 6 boards per game, we’d be in much better shape.

We’re not too bad of a team considering we’re playing 4 on 5 for many minutes per game.

I fell asleep with 9 min to go in the game… it was that bad!!!