Super Bowl of B-Ball

As soon as I get to work I’m asked am I ready for the “Super Bowl of Basketball” tonight. I’m like, “What?” I’m told about North Carolina-Duke. I respond that I always root for a big fight between the teams so the refs cancel the game & no one wins because both teams suck.

& people are sending mass e-mails to everyone about the game. I just send a mass e-mail that I don’t care about your Duke/Carolina propoganda.

there’s a game in chapel hill tonight?

Tell those idiots that UCONN already won the superbowl of bball, and that the next one is still a couple months away.

Anybody who is familiar with the angry preacher guy on campus would appreciate this:

Somebody asked me to pick a winner between UNC and Duke. One is full of homos and the other is named after Satan. They'll both lose in Hell!

Hahaha! Is that guy still around? He was so entertaining!

Getting back on topic, I asked my NCSU grad co-worker who he was pulling for tonight. His response? “Injuries.”

Atta’ boy.

clt says the observer is promoting this game like the super bowl, olympics and the world cup.

if it makes you guys feel any better I’ve had to see Duke stuff on campus all the way out in Knoxville today…

[quote=“cltniners, post:7, topic:26329”]clt says the observer is promoting this game like the super bowl, olympics and the world cup.[/quote]Hey, if the Big O says its the biggest rivalry in all of athletic competition, then I guess it needs the multiple pages it took up in today’s sports section! ::slight_smile:

I will be enjoying the game…by watching Moneyball tonight. Just picked it up from Redbox.

Not as big picture as the book,but a good flick nonetheless

Wait… I thought Charlotte - Davidson was the super bowl of basketball

WOW! What a surprise with the O’s advertising of this game. They never advertised (or had any pre-game mention, including TV times) for any of our games in Halton against top 10 teams like Cincy, Louisville, and others.

Are you really surprised?

The super bowel of basketball, you say? Ok, I admit I always watch Duke against the Tar Holes when we aren’t playing. It’s fun to hear adults verbally wet their pants over a basketball game. When you tire of that, just turn off the sound and watch Ole Roy turn red in the face when his players do yet again something totally stupid. It’s possible to enjoy Duke-UNC for what it is: cheap and sleazy entertainment. Sometimes I like that.

clt bets there wasn’t a person in wal mart last night.