Sylvester Mayes - 2005

He is a 6’2 Guard from Fort Wayne (IN) and plays at Redlands JC (Okla.)

His lists of schools include: Auburn, Indiana, Ohio State, Purdue, Texas, Texas A&M, Charlotte, UNLV. All are listed as a “medium” interest. He doesn’t have any scholarship offers yet.

Why do all these guards keep showing up on our radar? We’ve already got Mitch, Goldwire, Lewis and Alexander for 05. We could, very realistically, have only Drayton, Nance and Mullis to fill out our frontcourt. I can understand Gee, he’s a stud and if he comes Alexander can move to SF. But all these other small guards aren’t going to do us much good. Yes it’s always good to plan for the future, but we might be left with a laughably small lineup in 05 if we don’t start recruiting some height.

alexander will very rarely if ever play the two

not to mention Bennett, provided the NCAA ever lets him play!!

Your point is well taken. As they say…“Size matters”. It would be great to see some post player recruits!!

Here is a new link on him from Rivals…although we are listed in his profile, he didn’t mention us. Not sure what our true interest is at this point…

Sylvester Mayes - Rivals article on 8/31/04

I wonder if he was friends with Chris Nance at Redlands when they played together. That could be a nice agle to use, but then again, we saw how much that helped us with Gee/Goldwire…

Mayes has apparently committed to Ohio State on a recent visit