Anyone see the premier the other night? Think it was Wednesday evening on NBC. If not, it’s kind of like a co-ed group of young David Blaine wannabees who go out screwing with peoples’ heads. But it was fantastic I thought. Couple of the stunts they pulled were pretty cheesy and overdone but some were incredible. Hoping that it comes back on next week. I love that kind of crap for some reason…lol. Until I saw how he did it, David Blaine used to blow me away with his street levitation but I was very disappointed when I saw that it was as basic of an illusion as you can possibly do.

So what is the secret to the levitation thing?

Some of his other tricks are pretty amazing too. I have no idea how he does most of them. Did you see the street magic where he stuck his arm through the window? Or the one where he cut the basketball open and the card they had picked was inside it? I’m sure there are explanations for all of his tricks, I just have no idea what they are.

I didn’t see the show you are talking about though.

Yeah, I’ve seen all of Blaine’s work. Though I know there’s a explanation behind all this stuff, some of it is still mindblowing. I don’t care so much for his endurance stuff he’s gotten into lately. I’m bigger on the slight of hand and on-the-spot illusions. I liked the one where he had some girl on the sidewalk literally crying about a loved one who had died and then the cab drove by with the deceased person’s name on the side of it. The best though are when he goes to the 3rd world countries because those people thing Blaine is possessed by the devil…lol.

The levitation thing was a total letdown. It’s simply a visual thing that will only work if the person viewing it is standing the perfect spot. He pretty much stands with his feet together and the person viewing must be watching from a side/rear shot. Then he raises up on the ball of one of his feet while lifting his other foot off the ground and level to it. If you’re looking at it from the side of the foot that he lifts off the ground, it appears as though both feet are completely off the ground simply because when you look under the foot that is actually, you can’t see that he’s still on the ball of his other foot. If done at the right angle, you can make it look really authentic, even at home with no illusion experience. And of course the whole black shoes, black pants on black surface helps exaggerate it.

If you like Blaine, you’d like T.H.E.M. Biggest difference is that with T.H.E.M, they let on that it’s just a trick after they get a rise out of the victim.